Boxwood bead curtain mottled

Each row of pearls consists of a natural pearl of 6 cms followed by one of 3 cms in color, then a pearl of 6 nature, then a pearl of 3 in color etc.
Pearl color of the pattern to choose
Boxwood bead curtain mottled Boxwood bead curtain mottled Boxwood bead curtain mottled
Calculated price: 230,00 €
Price / m²:
Price per m2: 230,00 €
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Pearl color of the pattern

Base Color: Always Color No 2 (nature). Only one possible choice, indicate necessarily the number of the chosen color. Click on the image
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Boxwood bead curtain mottled

In this model, the wire hooks are more apparent because there are as many small pearls as large ones.

It is very decorative and airy.

This alternation of two sizes of pearls associated with an alternation of two tones gives a "speckled" appearance to this curtain.

It can be drawn with the color of your choice from the 10 that I propose.

Manufacturing delays
It takes about 2 months to craft your boxwood bead curtain